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United Space Alliance (USA) Retiree Health Benefit Support

Contact Information for current Retiree Medical Participants

Effective July 2017: USA HR will no longer be readily available to assist with resolution and escalation of issues associated with your Retiree Medical Benefits and Annual Reimbursement Amount (ARA). Therefore, an escalation process has been developed to provide assistance with issues concerning your benefits and ARA.

General Questions

For general questions about ongoing support, your first point of contact should always be Via Benefits. Contact Via Benefits for questions about:

Escalation Process

If you are still unable to reach satisfactory resolution of your question or issue through Via Benefits Customer Service, additional assistance will be available to you through an Escalation Process, as follows:

Here are three ways to have your outstanding issue escalated:

  1. Phone: 1-866-662-9209 (TTY 711)
    This is a voicemail box that will be monitored daily. Please leave your name, callback phone number, along with a general and brief description of your question or issue. (e.g. "I have a question about benefits."). DO NOT INCLUDE ANY SENSITIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION SUCH AS HEALTH INFORMATION, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, OR OTHER SIMILARLY CONFIDENTIAL OR PRIVATE INFORMATION. THE CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION SUBMITTED IN THIS MATTER CANNOT BE GUARANTEED.

    An Escalation Specialist will review your information and will have a Via Benefits Representative call you back in 2 - 4 business days.

  2. Complete the issue escalation form below: This will generate an automatic message to the Escalation Specialist team. Please complete all required information. An Escalation Specialist will review your information and will arrange to have a Via Benefits Representative call you back in 2 - 4 business days.

  3. Call Via Benefits Customer Service and ask to have your issue escalated: If you are not receiving satisfactory service from Via Benefits or feel that your question or issue has not been resolved, please ask them to have your escalated so that it can be reviewed by an Escalation Specialist on your behalf.

    • Medicare: 1-844-247-1602 (TTY 711)
    • Medicare International: 1-801-994-9805
    • Non-Medicare: 1-844-247-1603 (TTY 711)
    • Non-Medicare International: 1-801-994-9806
Submit an Escalation Issue All fields are required, unless marked optional.
Please do not include any sensitive personal information such as health information, social security number, or other similarly confidential or private information. The confidentiality of information submitted through this form cannot be guaranteed.